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Hi, I’m Damaris Dover, a San Jose, CA native who has been working as a REALTOR®  for over eight years. I was voted number one REALTOR® on social media and love serving my community by helping people find their new homes and sell their current one.
I have two cats, a husband that I adore. I enjoy watching good movies and tv shows. I’m also a digital content creator and blog on my downtime. Follow me on Instagram for more content. 

Real Estate Background

I got into the Real Estate business at an early age. I started as an assistant and found that I loved it enough to pursue it and get my license. Real estate is an amazing industry to be part of because you get the chance every day, no matter how busy or stressful things may seem at work -to help someone make their dream home come true. There’s nothing like seeing that smile on your client’s face when they finally find their dream home or sell and net the most amount of money.

I love what I do for myself, and my career has been quite fulfilling so far as well; there are many reasons why this job fits just right: helping people fulfill desires by providing services ranging anywhere between buying property all over town, and listing homes.


I am also Co-Founder of  PRIMITIVE O.N.E., where we sell premium organic CBD products that can be used for pain management or skin conditions like eczema, rashes, burn inflammation, stress anxiety PTSD – among others! My husband was having some major back problems, which later turned out to be much worse than imagined – it turns out he has scoliosis and deteriorating discs and in his lower back. As someone who loves helping people with their ailments as well as educating those looking into cannabis treatments myself; this news hit close to home, so now when you buy something off our site, know its because your family needs help, not just mine 🙂


We are expecting our first child in Jan 2022 (beyond excited). My husband, future baby, and two cats are my world -they’re all that matters to me! They keep me grounded while I do what I love: watching good T.V. shows or movies (especially rom-coms), eating sushi, going out to the movies, shopping at Santana Row…you get the idea 😉

I’d love to get to know you and help you with anything you need. Let’s connect today. 

Damaris Dover | Realtor® | Digital Content Creator

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