how to handle being blocked on social media

When I was in school, I was pretty well liked. I don’t mean to sound conceited, but it’s true. I was nice to people and people were nice to me. I didn’t look for drama and drama never really found me.

Most people know that I’m not confrontational, not a bitch, and like I said really nice…yet I am blocked on social media. How can that be?? Lol

Well at first it kind of hits you like “wtf” with a smile. I laughed to be honest. I didn’t even know until months later…maybe longer? Anyways, this is what I found to be funny and why you shouldn’t take it to heart if you’ve been blocked especially by:

  1. People you thought were your friends.
  2. People who in your face act normal but obvi, have a problem with you.

Here’s what you need to do:


Honestly, just don’t worry or care about it. I admit, I was little confused, and feelings were a little hurt. Then I realized something, someone out there literally hates me so much they can’t stand to see my awesome pictures, can’t even risk seeing someone they follow who follows me like my stuff. I mean these people literally hate me so much they had to erase me off the face of the social media earth.

Seriously you shouldn’t be hurt by this, be honored. I never personally hated anyone in my life that I’d have to go to that extent. I’ve STRONGLY disliked some people, but I can care less if their stuff appears from time to time. Doesn’t bother me. I’m genuinely happy in my life that seeing someone on social media won’t throw my day off. You cannot have that effect on me even if you tried.


Ok, so clearly, they have a personal problem with you but if you did nothing wrong, who cares? Let them hate you. If they accused you of doing something and you even apologized for it and they still hate you, then there is literally nothing you can do. That person is just bitter and possibly jealous? Idk, point is, you know who you are deep down and if you’re a good person then that’s all that matters.

Don’t stress it. Don’t even ask them why. You are better than this and a much bigger person than they are. Just keep smiling and carrying on with your life.

Note: If you’re blocking pervs and spammers, this post is not relevant to you. If I continuously got harassed, I will block your ass.

I’ll leave you with this thing my mom always told me, “Better to have one crazy person than two.” Which basically means if someone is going crazy and talking/texting/dming you a bunch of shit, just ignore them and let them make a fool of themselves. Why add to it and have two crazy people going back and forth.

Trust me it’s much harder to do than say but I’ve found it to be a better way to live.

As always thank you for reading, I appreciate you and your time.