4 Steps to Stick to your goals


Setting goals for a whole year may seem intimidating. Some of you may have a million while others have none.

Don’t get caught up and stress yourself out trying to accomplish unrealistic goals. I know from experience that having so many goals can get overwhelming and you end up meeting way less than you wanted.

So, this is my advice for you to stick through them.

  1. Write it down– Write your goals weekly and monthly. If you get a checklist and start checking off the little goals you’ve set for yourself, you’re more likely to do them. I bought myself a desk calendar and get to see my weekly and monthly goals. You can get one for yourself here.

  1. Break it down– If you feel a particular goal is BIG, it helps to break it down into little goals aka short-term goals.
  2. Work hard– If goals were easy to accomplish, everyone would have a 6 pack and thousands of dollars saved by the end of the year, but they aren’t. Goals are something you have to work really hard towards. Stay up later than usual, say no to going out to things that won’t get you closer to your goals. Life may seem boring but in the end it’s worth it.
  3. Adjust– Every time you think you have everything figured out, something happens and changes everything. Sometimes a goal needs changing and adjusting. Don’t get stressed just do it and go along with it.

Now go and get it!!! Remember who gives AF what people think or say about you. Just do what you want. You want to start going to the gym, just count to three and go! Make that a habit but always go on three. I started doing that a while ago and I must admit I have not gone on three every time but it has helped and this year I will get better.

That’s all one can do, is just over do better than before. Everyday strive to be a better person, be kinder and leave out old shit that doesn’t matter. Don’t live life with a stick up your ass. Let your hair down and be happier.

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