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San Jose, CA

Want to buy in the Silicon Valley? I can help you. Going as far as Mountain View, Palo Alto, and more.

Los Banos, CA

I am very familiar with this town due to me living there for 8 years and starting my Real Estate practice there. Also cover some of the smaller towns nearby.


There are a bunch of nearby towns so why don't you contact me to see if I cover that area. Doesn't hurt to ask.


Buying a house is an amazing and big decision. In this section you can find Real Estate advice and helpful home buying tips.

But First...

When it comes to searching for a home, the internet and Real Estate professionals are the top two resources you’ll most likely turn to.

Sometimes you don’t need to speak directly to me or another professional. You can find a lot of your answers on my blog. You’ll find guidance to help reduce the stress, save time, and make you a super savvy ready buyer.

When you’re ready, I will be here to make a full-time commitment to help you become an homeowner.

I want you to make the right choice, that’s why I offer extensive knowledge in:

  • Neighborhoods
  • Schools,
  • Market conditions
  • Mortgage specialist who can assist you with your financing

A Home of Your Own

Number one reason people buy a home is pretty simple, you want to own a home of your own! Something about knowing it’s yours and you’re accumulating wealth for the future is really exciting. You can improve whatever you want and enjoy it to its full potential. While many of you want to own, there are still a number of different needs and wants in home. Your wish list is different than the next person. I can help you create a comprehensive list and go from there.

Buying Your Home

This is not like a trip to the mall buying a pair of jeans, this is a huge step involving an extraordinary long-term financial commitment. So don’t rush it, you need to take time and asses what you can and can’t afford. 

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