Fifteen Days Until Our Wedding


The picture above is Tyler and I when we first started dating 12 years ago.

15 effing days until we get married!!! OMFG! If I can share some bride-to-be wisdom, I would say to slow down and enjoy the ride. Before we got this close, it felt like thing after thing going wrong, the pandemic, having to move the wedding, downsizing our guestlist, forced to find another venue, finding a new photographer, and the list goes on and on.

What I noticed, though, is that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. If our previous wedding venue didn’t make the mistake of accidentally booking two weddings in one day, we would have never looked for another place. I love our new wedding venue so much. It almost feels like it’s meant to be. 

Quick History of Us and Aptos, CA

Tyler is from the Aptos area and lived there until he was ten years old. We have visited and talked about moving there for years. Right before we bought our condo in San Jose, CA, we looked at houses in Aptos to purchase, but the ones in our price range were older and needed a lot of work. Anyway, you get the point. We love the area and love the vibe Aptos gives off. 

So the fact that somehow someway the challenges brought to us lead us to now getting married in Aptos feels surreal. As if God or something had bigger plans. As a lot of you know, I believe that everything happens for a reason. I might have even said that I will see why this happened to us one day in my Instagram stories. I see now why. We weren’t meant to get married at the Chapel, and we weren’t meant to have a big wedding of 75. 

Seascape Beach Resort. Aptos, CA

Anxiety Having a big wedding. 

When our wedding was 75 people, I had significant anxiety even when it got cut down to 50. I’d lay thinking of everyone looking at me, waiting for a response or some form of action, and would find it hard to breathe.

Here’s a photo of our previous venue where we would have gotten married.

Chapel On The Hill. (Old Venue)

Typical Receptions Aren’t Our Thing

Our Chapel wedding was going to be your typical reception with assigned seating and what not. I didn’t personally like it, but it was the “normal” thing to do. 

Casual Beach “Reception”

Now we have our “reception,” which is not technically a reception down by the beach. We reserved a private area with fire pits and ordered a lot of food to snack on and drinks. We want to hang out and enjoy the time with our closest friends and family, and that is what we’ll do.

New Wedding Venue where we are NOW getting married at. So beautiful. 

Seascape Beach Resort. Ceremony Area.

When People Believe You Shouldn’t Get Married

I know one person believes Tyler and I shouldn’t get married and think we should have time apart since we’ve never dated other people as adults. When I heard of this person saying such a shitty horrible thing, I was shocked and truthfully pretty angry. I couldn’t believe that someone would even say this. I asked myself, why am I mad? Why do I care? The answer…I am always too hopeful and have faith in people to change. Hearing this just kind of reassured me that they will always be like this and never be truly happy for you or wish you happiness. 

But, as I mentioned, everything happens for a reason, and luckily this person won’t be attending our wedding. I wouldn’t want them too because if someone believes that and has no problem saying it to people, you shouldn’t share your wedding day with them. Our wedding day should be spent with people who love us and wish us nothing but the best.

So, if you have someone in your family or your future husband’s family like this, I say to you, ignore them. As long as you are 100% happy and feel you are making one of the best decisions in your life, nothing else matters. Tyler and I have a bond and relationship like no other. We get each other’s sense of humor, laugh until we cry, stay up late talking. We are genuine, best friends. I don’t need to date other people to know I’m meant to be with Tyler. When you know, you know. 


I feel butterflies every day thinking of marrying my best friend. I get emotional thinking of how far we’ve come since teenagers. The ups and downs that have brought us closer together. I’ve always told people that the older Tyler and I get, the closer we are. Our personalities mesh perfectly. I feel so grateful that I have found my soulmate, my partner for life. 

I can’t wait to marry him, call him my husband, be his wife. I feel so honored to have such an incredibly selfless partner that loves and cares about me so much. 

So overall, I feel FUCKING BEYOND HAPPY, ecstatic, joyous, all words to describe happiness. 

Last Thoughts

As a future bride with a wedding only fifteen days away, I say to you, future brides, stay calm and stop worrying about everything. Sometimes life has different plans for you, as you have witnessed with my wedding, and it will all work out in the end. I still don’t know what can happen now until Nov 7th, but all I know is that we are ready to take on anything. 

As always thank you for reading, I appreciate you and your time. 

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