Fun Things To Do in Las Vegas

When I found out Lady Gaga signed her residency in Las Vegas, I knew it was time to finally visit as an adult. The last time I was there I was 9-10 years old when my mom was attending this Tupperware convention so clearly I didn’t do much partying unless you count getting severely sunburnt because I was in the pool all day. I knew I wanted it to be a girls trip even though Tyler was invited to go as a bodyguard so we can get wild and not have to worry about weirdos, I mean it is Vegas but he turned my offer down so it ended up being just me and my two girlfriends.

When you’re planning a Las Vegas trip you need to prioritize what it is exactly you’re trying to do. This helps determine SOOO many things like the location of a hotel, restaurants, activities, etc.


I found an amazing deal on Southwest. They normally have cheap flights so if you plan accordingly you can score yourself a deal. If you’re flying from San Jose straight to Vegas, it’s only 1 hr 25 mins, it goes by super fast. To get in the Vegas mood I’d drink a little at the airport before boarding the plane.

The Venetian Resort

So once you have an idea where and what you’re doing, book your hotel ASAP. The rates shoot up like crazy if you wait too long. I would recommend a hotel on the strip because you get to walk everywhere and don’t need to rent a car. We stayed at The Venetian Resort and it was so beautiful. I highly recommend this place, it has restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, casinos, pools, spas, and other attractions you can literally spend your entire trip just in there alone. 

Click here to visit their website.

Gondola Ride (indoor & outdoor)

If you’ve never been to Europe, this kind of gives you the feel as if you are there so take it all in. They take you under bridges, beside cafes, under balconies, all while your gondolier is singing. There is an indoor and outdoor option and although I only did the outdoor one, the indoor one looks amazing as well.  This could be super fun to do with your girlfriends or your partner. If you’re in the mood of doing something romantic, I would suggest going for a ride in the evening or night. 

Click here to get more information on gondola rides.


-Regular Pricing: Shared Gondola (seats four) $29.00 

-Private Ride for two: $116.00

-Photo Package: $22.00

-Outdoor Hours: 11 AM-9:45 PM

-Indoor Hours: Sun-Thurs 10 AM-11 PM Fri-Sat 10 AM-12 AM

Minus 5º Experience

This place was an awesome experience,  you basically are in a winter wonderland filled with ice sculptures and a minibar. Depending on the package you choose you can get these fun faux fur coats and just basically lounge in there as much as you want. Everything is made of ice, even the “cups” you’re drinking out of, you definitely want to keep your gloves on I mean it is minus 5º degrees after all. 

Location: Inside the Venetian Resort 2nd Level, The Grand Canal Shoppes, Across from Sketchers

Click here to buy tickets.


-V-Ice Experience $75.00

-Coolest Experience $45.00 (the one we did)

-Cool Experience $19.00 (no faux fur coat)

The Chandelier at The Cosmopolitan

One of the cool things I liked about staying on the strip is being able to walk everywhere including The Chandelier. This is a cool 5-level bar with beautiful beads just hanging down, you’ll be in awe the whole time. It was seriously stunning I wanted to take pictures everywhere. It gets pretty crowded so just be aware that you might have to stand until someone leaves. I had a cosmopolitan of course and it was delicious. 

Location: 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las VegasNV  89109  at the Level 1, Boulevard Tower


Honestly, there are so many good restaurants on the strip, inside the hotels, it all depends what you’re in the mood for.  Some I really loved were:

Chica (inside the Venetian Resort)

This was my favorite because the food was so delicious. The food had vibrant flavors of Latin cuisine and this is the first Latina Chef on the Las Vegas Strip. Pretty awesome if you ask me. 

Location: The Venetian Resort, Restaurant Row. Near The Venetian Casino Floor.

Hexx Kitchen + Bar

Another good spot, located in the heart of the strip. If you’re seated outside on their patio you get amazing views of the Bellagio fountains. This place is American cuisine and was just so delicious. I recommend going here for dinner. 

Location: 3655 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada  89109

The Dorsey Cocktail Bar

We were pretty drunk by the time we got here but I remember it being a lot of fun and it was voted best bar in Las Vegas by Condé Nast Traveler so it’s worth the try. 

Location: The Venetian Resort. Venetian Casino Floor.


Normally this kind of stuff isn’t my thing but I have to mention this show because it was actually a lot of fun and funny. I am a major people watcher so watching all these women go wild was very entertaining. The show overall is just fun and they actually put in a lot of work into it. If you’re buzzing hard it’s even better. 

Click here to get tickets.

Las Vegas Boulevard

Ok this is a given but honestly you don’t know how fun and beautiful it is until you’re there. Sure there are some areas that aren’t as pretty but overall guys, I mean I was shook, it’s so beautiful. I believe it’s because it had a lot of famous european architecture like everywhere that it made you feel you were in this different world. The people roaming the street are also fun to watch and everyone just has this be free and have fun vibe, I really enjoyed it. 

Lady Gaga

Ok if you know me know me you know that I am a Lady Gaga fanatic so obviously this was a given. If you’re in Las Vegas and want to go to a show I HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to watch Lady Gaga at the Park Theater. She always puts on this amazing breathtaking show there is no way you’ll be disappointed. All sorts of people go, not just “little monsters” that’s what Gaga calls us. lol. Seriously though, this was my favorite part. Her shows have a way of touching and moving you, giving you this sort of confidence like you can do and be anything. 

Get your Lady Gaga tickets here.

To go or not to go?

Just go!! If you’re thinking about it and never been, trust me just go! I want to go back with Tyler this time and just take it all in. I don’t have any regret and wouldn’t mind spending a little more time there. Life is too short not to have fun and if you keep putting things off, you’ll always have regret later on.

As always thank you for reading I appreciate you and your time. 



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