4 Easy Ways to Gain Confidence This Holiday Season

If you follow me on social media, you are aware that I’ve struggled and still sometimes struggle with my insecurities. I use to think I was alone until I got older and realized that a shit ton of people have the same problem. I noticed that I will remind myself of all the negative things I hated about myself, but never praised any of the good. Once I started paying attention, I was shocked how many times a day I will talk down to myself. 

#1. Stop talking down on yourself

Stop telling yourself you’re: ugly, dumb, a loser, nobody, worthless, fat, too skinny, etc. This wasn’t easy and still something I’m working on but it had to start. Everytime I thought about something negative, I quickly changed my thought about something positive. Try it!

#2. Dress to Impress…yourself!

We’ve all heard the saying “dress to impress” but one thing we’ve all gotten wrong is dressing to impress others and not ourselves first. That can leave you feeling insecure because you’re not 100% comfortable in your own skin, yet alone that outfit you’re wearing. You must always think what makes you happy. Sweatpants don’t count! I doubt anyone has ever felt super amazing and powerful in a pair of sweatpants so don’t even go there. Find an outfit and style that suits YOU and impresses YOU! Then, that’s where magic happens. You start to feel better and CONFIDENT!

#3. Take pictures of yourself

Don’t take this one for granted, we all have camera phones now so there are no excuses. I noticed that the more pictures I was taking, the more confident I felt. At first it was nerve wrecking and I felt so ugly and dumb. I kept at it and somedays I feel like I’m on America’s next top model lol. So I would highly recommend bribing a friend with coffee and make them take your pictures for a few minutes. I loved how I felt in this dress from Chicwish on Thanksgiving and felt amazing shooting in it. 

Shop the dress here.

#4. Do something you love

I noticed my happiness and confidence increased when I started doing more of the things I love. Find something you enjoy and just do it. Have a dream? Chase it. Want a raise? Ask for it! Just do things for yourself. I wanted to blog and didn’t care if anyone read or cared, I did it! I wanted to grow an online community where I can share my life and  I have it. It doesn’t matter how big or small, if you just find the things that make you happy, you will be confident when you step out into the world. 

I kept this very short because I just wanted to share quick tips you can apply like TODAY!

As always thank you for reading. I appreciate you and your time. 


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