How To Save Thousands When Buying A Car

Thank you to my mom who taught me at 18 years old how to negotiate a car’s price down. My mom told me to watch her closely, hear what she’s saying and how she’s saying it so when I come by myself, I’ll know what to do. I watched my mom buy a car that day and we drove off the lot with a total of $9k in savings.

When the time came for me to buy my first car in 2015 I took my mom as backup. I told her to chime in when I was feeling stuck negotiating. That day I drove off the lot with a brand-new Jeep Patriot that was marked 24k and I got it for 17k, it was a success. (that car ran like shit though, another blog post why I ditched it in only 3 years)

The time came again when it was time for me to upgrade my Jeep Patriot and I already knew the car I wanted. Quick story, when I was car shopping the first time around in 2015, I saw a KIA Optima and fell in love. Due to some finance issues I had, they just couldn’t get the price down to where I needed it to be and my down payment wasn’t strong enough. But now, I was back stronger than ever and was not going to take no as an answer.

Here are the top things you should do when buying a car

Get your finances in line! You can’t expect a deal when you have nothing to bring to the table; no credit and or down payment. You have to be desirable for them to beg you to stay. It’s like dating, if the opponent has nothing to offer you, you’re counting down the minutes until the date is over right? Yeah, salespeople don’t want you if you’re not worthy of their time. If you need to get your credit in check, read my blog post about it here.

You don’t need a huge down payment.

This is semi-true. I mean if you want a lower monthly bill then yes, put a good chunk down but that’s where negotiating comes in as well. If you bring down the price you may only need like two-thousand or less. I bought my KIA Optima with only $1,400 down.

What to say when negotiating

Be stern and sit up straight, watch what you’re doing with your facial expressions. Don’t show joy too soon about a price. My theory is, you’re not going to die if you push them, squeeze everything out of them even if it means closing down the place (which I’ve done before). Be aware that sometimes you can’t get the deal you want at that moment, and you’ll have to walk away. (I’ve also done that.)

As I point and cross out the number figures they’d had printed and presented me I’d say, “no I’m not happy with that price, go back and see what else you can do” Then they’d go back do whatever it is they’re doing and come back with the “final offer” type of thing.

Unless they have gone back 4-5 times it’s not the final offer. One time I walked out and thanked them for their time and I got a call the next day that they can make it work.  

Dress for success

This isn’t about impressing them, it’s about impressing yourself. It’s no secret that when you dress well you look and feel good. The result of you feeling good gives you confidence and confidence is EVERYTHING you need when negotiating. Ladies, if you’re thinking you have to dress scandalously you don’t! If anything, dress professionally. I don’t know if this is in my head, but I feel as if men don’t take a young girl alone at a car dealership serious. I got attention, yes, but they would treat me as if I didn’t know what I wanted and suggesting a “better” car that fits me and my needs. How the hell would they know? I called bullshit! The salesmen told me we had to take a test drive in this other car I didn’t want that had cloth seats and no sunroof. I almost went through with it because he said it was in my price range and perfect for me, but as he went to open the door I practically yelled, “no, sorry I don’t want to drive this car” he looked surprised. I said “I’ve settled once before for an ordinary car, I’m not going to do it again, if we can’t make it work then that’s ok, thank you for your time” Yeah, he knew I was serious and knew exactly what I wanted. He then said ok, let’s go crunch some numbers on the car you want.


After 2 hours of negotiating, I got what I wanted. A killer deal and I was so stoked. This is the boring part. Here are some things to be aware of when you’re going through the paperwork


Numbers – Sometimes they have a “typo” in there. Idk if it’s intentional but if they promised a number they better give it to you. I had to tell him, wait you said it’s this much and the paper says that much, and he’ll apologize and correct it. Same with interest, pay attention to what the paper says because you just never know what kind of “typo” they can make.

Terms –  If you agreed for 72 months deal then make sure that’s what’s written, or if you’re leasing a car and agreed to 12k miles a year they aren’t writing 10k and shorting you 2k miles.


When I bought my Jeep, I had paid for GAP insurance and all this other stuff, so I have free oil changes and what not for up to 80k miles. Because I returned the car and hadn’t used all of my coverage, I asked them to refund me whatever is left. They almost forgot to mention that part so it’s a good thing I did tell them. I got $1,200 back.

Why I leased my car?

I leased my car because I am a strong believer in not buying something that never appreciates in value. Cars depreciate the minute you drive off the lot, so how is that a sound investment? I always want something new in 2-3 years anyway, so leasing was the best option for someone like me. It might not be for you, but I must say you pay way less for a car but you do have to have excellent credit.

Anyways, I know this was long but to learn something as important takes time. I even shortened it a bit so hopefully, I didn’t leave anything out.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or DM me on Instagram.

As always thank you for reading, I appreciate you and your time







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