Why Louis Vuitton Odéon MM Bag is Worth The $2k Investment


I know I know, $2k is not a small chunk of change, but if you’re dying to invest in a designer bag and nothing will stop you, then I might as well help you decide and inform you why I believe Louis Vuitton Odéon MM bag is worth the investment you’re about to make. The Louis Vuitton Odéon MM Bag is technically $1,900, but with taxes, it comes out to $2,000. 

But First, How I Found This Beauty. 

It was an ordinary hot August day, a couple of weeks before my birthday. My husband (fiancé at the time) was asking me to send him some things I’ve been wanting with a $500 budget. 

I started looking at things on Nordstrom.com, which we all know is either fun or depressing, looking at a bunch of cute shit that’s too expensive. I found myself looking at bags, and it started merely with Michael Kors, Coach, Tory Burch. Then I started seeing Chloe, Prada, and Stella McCartney. Once I noticed that the Chloe bag I wanted was $999, I thought to myself, wait, how much more will a Louis Vuitton bag cost? Is it that much more? Then my search truly began. 

I figured, if I can find something reasonable, I’ll put the difference for my dream bag. To me, that just made sense, and in a way, I was buying myself a birthday gift as well…or so I thought. After I found the bag, Tyler fought me, he insisted that he has never bought me a designer bag and wanted to do something extra special and thought I deserved it. It was so sweet I almost cried while he was explaining why he wanted to do this. He’s such a giving sweetheart. I am truly lucky.

Odéon MM Shoulder Bag. 

After pages and pages of searching, I came across the one and only Odéon MM Shoulder Bag. It was truly love at first sight, the leather corners, the black leather straps, and the gorgeous gold hardware. I swear I almost cried looking at it. 

I didn’t want an oversized bag that becomes a hassle to quickly grab and go but also not too small where I can’t fit my wallet and sunglasses. I wanted something medium-sized like this. In my opinion, the Louis Vuitton Odéon bag is a perfect size. It’s big enough to carry a variety of things but not too big where you’re bumping into things while shopping at Homegoods. 

Why It’s Worth The Investment of $1,900

QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY! You can 100% feel the quality of this bag. It’s sturdy and has two zipper pulls for easy opening and closing and quick access to the inside, which has a flat pocket. You also get an outside flat pocket with magnetic closure, where I toss my phone & keys for even easier access. The strap is adjustable for a shoulder or crossbody carry and also removable. 

You literally get everything you need with this bag. It has that well-known monogram canvas, which gives it that extra retro charm that will never go out of style. You can keep your Odéon bag forever. That’s why it’s worth the investment. Ask yourself, how many inexpensive bags have you bought throughout the years that you no longer have or use? Probably a lot, so why not invest in quality over quantity? 

As always thank you for reading, I appreciate you and your time.

-Your favorite Realtor® Damaris Dover

Click this link for the Louis Vuitton Odéon MM Bag. 

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