14 things NOT to do in a relationship

It’s that time of year where everything is red, and love is in the air. Did you know every year, more than 36 million heart shaped boxes of chocolates are sold across the country? Crazy right???

Anyway, I’ve been in a relationship for 10 years 1 month and 14 days…I don’t know the hours or minutes, what do you think? That I’m crazy?

I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I think I’ve earned some kind of creditability to what I’m about to talk about.

Quick backstory: Tyler and I met in high-school 2008 and have been together ever since with a few bumps on the road, nonetheless we came out stronger than ever. I would even say happier, and closer than before. Our years together we have grown up and learned so much about what makes a relationship work and last this long. I won’t go into detail what we do to make it last just yet, but I will share what NOT to do.

In spirit of V-day I want to share the 14 things NOT to do as you may have already guessed.

Let’s dive in.

*Disclaimer* I am not a therapist, just a girl giving my advice based on my experience.

  1. Don’t force yourself or your partner to stay.
  2. Don’t try to change your partner.
  3. Don’t pressure your partner to doing things YOU only want like, marriage, babies, etc.
  4. Don’t make your partner post you on social media, because then it’s not genuine and you’ll still be unhappy.
  5. Don’t say mean things when you’re mad, you’ll end up regretting it.
  6. Don’t half ass chores, make sure you do your part.
  7. Don’t stop being yourself, always be authentic and REAL!!
  8. Don’t be pessimistic.
  9. Don’t get jealous.
  10. Don’t cheat.
  11. Don’t forget about your close friends. Call them, set up a coffee date.
  12. Don’t let sex out of your lives.
  13. Don’t bring up the past all the time.
  14. Don’t let yourself go.

I think this is sufficient information for now. One last thing before I go because this can’t be left out. Be SUPPORTIVE!!! OMG you may think that’s a given but it’s not. Some couples don’t have that emotional support from one another and it’s not good. You have to support and believe in your partner for whatever they want to do with their lives.

If you don’t agree with it, then I’m sorry to say but you should probably leave. You can’t linger around and drag your partner down with you because you’re too afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Your partner may hate you for that down the line and blame you for never achieving something greater.

Of course, that may not apply to all but being supportive is still important in any aspects of a relationship.

So, ladies and gentlemen, just remember nothing is perfect but don’t ever “settle” for someone just because you’re comfortable and financially stable. Be with someone you’re head over heels in love, that gives you butterflies and kisses you every night and day. Be with someone who you can laugh endlessly with about the dumbest things. Whatever you do, never settle.

As always thank you for reading, I appreciate you and your time.