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In January, my friend Larissa posted on Instagram a cute picture of her at a glampsite and I knew then I had to go. I basically googled wtf is this “glamping” thing and why didn’t I know about it? I immediately realized it’s everything I’ve been looking to do for my birthday with my boyfriend. We ended up postponing our trip from August to October, closer to Tyler’s birthday and I’m so glad we did. We were told October is the best month to go because the weather is beyond amazing with clear skies. They were right! We got perfect 80-degree weather that felt incredible especially lounging by the pool.

So wait, back up girl, what is this glamping?

Ok, basically a glamorous twist to camping. Which is obviously one of the best things ever. It’s best said by Ventana themselves, “Sleep deeply on a custom-designed glamping mattress and premium linens in your safari-style canvas tent. Marvel at the views of a 20-acre canyon. Light up the fire pit, make s’mores and tell stories — or just let the landscape do all the talking.”

“It’s a luxury camping experience, a more refined way to connect with the outdoors. You’ll experience the full splendor of Big Sur, while still relishing all the amenities and services of a world-class resort.”

What to bring

Depending on the time of year you’re going, pack cute clothes because you’d want to take pictures everywhere. Since we went in October, I packed a lot of chunky knits, turtlenecks, boots, and pants. BUT I should have brought more casual t-shirts or dresses because if you go up to the main resort, it’s hot up there and knitwear doesn’t really work. At your glampsite though, it’s nice and fresh because you’re surrounded by trees…obviously it’s shady. So just pack a little bit of everything is my tip.


This is totally optional depending on what kind of girl you are. I brought my makeup box but kept a very minimal look. I didn’t wear foundation I opted for a BB cream instead with SPF. The restrooms had a blow-dryer, makeup remover wipes, cotton balls, q-tips, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash which was very helpful. So I didn’t have to bring my own and carry that shit around. Did I mention the restrooms have heated tile flooring?


One of the nice perks was having the shuttle services so easily available. I’d text this number and a Land Rover comes within a few minutes and takes you to the main hotel or vice versa since the glampsites are kind of far apart.


There is a wood-burning pit you can use to cook food which we used to make hot dogs and smores. I ate so many smores I think I got a sugar high.

Ventana has an area called the “Welcome Tent” which they have BBQs three nights a week, so we got to try it out. Plates were roughly $18 each, not too shabby, you got a fair amount of meat with two sides, and two dinner rolls.

If you feel like splurging a bit, I HIGHLY recommend eating at The Sur House Restaurant. We had breakfast there and it was beyond amazing. The food was fresh tasting and I think the view really captivates your attention that you don’t care how much you spend lol.

What you’ll find at your glampsite?

Glampsites feature daily housekeeping service, morning coffee and tea, access to custom-curated picnic baskets and other world-class amenities. Your glampsite also includes:

  • A wood-burning fire pit with complimentary bundles of wood, and a propane fire pit on the deck
  • Instant hot and cold potable water with sink
  • Cozy heated blankets
  • Electric lamps and power outlets with USB ports for charging devices
  • An ice chest with a complimentary bag of ice
  • Two Adirondack chairs with pads
  • Walking sticks for hiking
  • Hand towels
  • Handheld lanterns
  • Hot-water bottles for heating your bed
  • A basket with s’mores kit, mugs, tea, cutting board, cheese knife, bottle opener, and wine glasses
  • A picnic table
  • Zingle, a convenient communication system for guests

Ok, what’s the price? Lay it to me gently…

So, it varies on the time of month you go and when. Weekdays are cheaper while weekends cost more. We paid $375 for Thursday night and $400 for Friday night. After adding taxes and resort fees you’re looking closer to $1,000. It may sound expensive, but you only have to put $400 down to reserve your glampsite and you can start saving. That’s what my boyfriend and I did. We had months to save so we could have extra spending money. I even accounted for clothes lmao. I’m just a freak like that.

Worth it?

Abso-fucking-lutely. I’m already trying to plan it for next year. We had such a good time.

My Favorite Moments

  1. Hanging by the fire pit -We were listening to A Star Is Born soundtrack and just enjoying the scenery and each other company. Sounds cheesy but it was beautiful. We’d look at each other and just smile especially after Tyler saying “I love Lady Gaga” lol. You and I both baby! (can’t wait to see her in June in Las Vegas)
  2. The infinity hot tub– We went around 8 PM and spent about an hour under the stars looking up, talking about how small we are in this world and how beautiful the view was from up here. At one point we were making out when I noticed another couple making their way over to the hot tub. It was super awkward but next thing I know, they started getting a little frisky. I guess that’s just what an infinity hot tub under the stars does to you.
  3. The heated pool- This was nice during the day because the water wasn’t cold but wasn’t hot either. It was the perfect water temperature. We did one lap and started tanning poolside. We tanned about 2-3 hours. It was so relaxing.
  4. The Game Room- They have a pool table, board games, checkers, chess, and more. I lost 4 rounds of pool and it was then I said fuck it let’s go back to the glampsite. If I have lost one more time, I would have killed someone lmao.

I hope you got an idea what this place is and what it could do. I loved it and I know you will too if you go. If you do plan a trip, let me know, I’d love to hear your experience.

As always, thank you for reading, I appreciate you and your time.


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