Why I turned Down A Paid Collab

As a new-ish blogger, you can go down this rabbit hole of saying yes to all these brands reaching out wanting to send you free shit in exchange for a post. You feel so cool and almost that “I made it” feeling creeps in. So, when a brand tells you that they want to pay you, you feel like “fuck yeah” and want to take the money, post and run.

One of my first collabs was with this jewelry brand that was pretty cheap, crappy material, but they offered me a code and I said yes and promoted it a few times. At the time I had only 1,300-ish followers so I felt I should take whatever I get. After a while, I realized the shame I got promoting this brand I personally didn’t think was good and I would never buy from them personally. I quit posting about them and told myself to never do that again.

Turning Down Free Collabs

This happens more often than you know. So, as my blog and Instagram following grew, more and more offers started coming my way. Some were awesome while some were ok but didn’t really fit my vibe, I guess you can say. A little part of me wanted to say yes to EVERYTHING even if it was things I didn’t personally like or care for, I thought, hey it’s a free product. But like most things, nothing is technically “free” there is always a catch, and, in my case, I would have to create content for this particular product which can take 1-2 hours…in some cases more. So, I started turning down brands left and right that I didn’t believe in, cared to actually try or were fun products.

Why I turned down a paid collab

Finally, to the moment you’ve been waiting for, why I turned down a paid collab. Easy, not enough money, lol just kidding. For real though, this organization reached out and wanted me to promote something I was not 100% comfortable and to be honest something I don’t even do myself. They mentioned they would pay, and it would have been my biggest paid collab to date so I got super excited and justified it in my head why I should do it. A few days later I just couldn’t shake off this weird feeling. I hadn’t started creating content yet which was a big sign, I was dreading doing something for this particular AD. I knew something was wrong because my heart wasn’t in it whatsoever. I reached back out to the brand and told them I couldn’t do it and rescinded my contract, they totally understood which is cool.

Lesson Learned

You see, I am a very honest person, I never share things I don’t personally like, my page has always been about sharing the things in my life that I’m super into. I never want my blog/Instagram to turn into just paid ADs of shit I don’t like no matter how much they are paying. If my heart is not in it or I personally don’t believe in the product/company, I would never promote it to you or suggest trying it.

As an influencer it is important to set standards for yourself and choose who and what brands you want to be associated with. Never do something you’re not 100% about because it just won’t be worth it. It’s definitely a learning process and I am really proud of my decision and will continue to choose YOU aka my followers, over anything and staying true to my beliefs.

As always thank you for reading, I appreciate you and your time. 


– Damaris

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