Cute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Moms are either hard to shop for or super easy, I know my mom is pretty easy, she loves clothes, jewelry, perfume, and beauty products… like me. So for those of you who don’t know, my moms birthday is May 9th, so happens its always mother’s day that same week so double presents for her, sometimes triple because it’s Mexican mothers day as well.

Anyway, so before I share my awesome cute gift ideas for your lovely mother, I want to share a quick little story about my relationship with my mom. It’s a good one and I promise it won’t make you cry…maybe.

Hardworking, loving, selfless, and beautiful are some words that come to mind when I think of my mom.

What does my mom mean to me?

Man, this is just so hard to answer, but to make it short, she means the world to me. I remember being a little girl and watching her be so badass, working hard and never giving up. I knew I needed to be like her, always pushing forward and doing what others might think you’ll never succeed at.

Best Lesson my mom taught me.

Another hard one. She has taught me SO many good lessons but if I had to choose one I’d go with learning to be the bigger person. My mom always told me to walk away from situations and let 1 person be crazy instead of 2. Never give in to people and never believe what others say about you. My mom also raised me to know my worth and never accepting anything less. Ok, so that was more than one but whatever.

Best Mom Memories

Memory 1.

I remember waking up around 9-10AM on a Saturday with music echoing throughout the house and the smell of pancakes, eggs, and sausage filling the air. I knew my mom was downstairs cooking and as I’d slowly walk down half asleep, she’d ask with a big smile on her face, “oh did the delicious smell wake you?” I would laugh and tell her it was her music. We would then proceed to have a delicious breakfast filled with the sun in the room and music. I can vividly remember those days and it makes me miss being a little girl living at home.

Memory 2.

Traveling with my mom was always fun and funny. We used to drive to Tijuana, Mexico to visit my grandpa and our routine braces check (yes I got braces in Mexico, wayyyyy cheaper). Anyways, we’d leave at midnight when my dad got off work and sometimes we would stop at Dennys or something around 5 AM and the funniest thing will happen. We’d all get into the restaurant tired and my mom’s eyes would be wide open as if she was surprised or something. Mind you, she had just woken up from a long nap but us kids would just laugh and ask her why were her eyes open so wide. It was definitely one of those moments you’d have to be there for it to be funny. My siblings know what I’m talking about. We still to this day tease her about it.

Memory 3.

Although we’ve had many moments like this, I remember one in particular. No one was home, it was just me and my mom sitting in her home office and just talking for hours. Laughing, crying, genuinely having great conversations. I remember just feeling so carefree and happy to be in that moment with her.


So I might have cried a little writing this, lol don’t laugh at me. I’m super close to my mom and miss her. She lives only an hour away and I see her once every week or 2 weeks but the older I get, the more I want to be around my parents. Weird huh? Anyways, hug your mom, you do not know what she has gone through and you will never know the full struggle, so just buy her something nice and tell her you to love her. My mom tells me all she wants from her kids is love and nothing else. I’m still buying her stuff though lol.

Happy  Early Mother’s Day to all you mommas out there including my sister who’s a new mom this year (congrats).

If you don’t have a mother or mother figure, that’s ok, love and maybe treat yourself.

As always thank you for reading


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